Fat Freeze (Cryolipo)

Weight Loss

Gaining excessive weight is an unfortunate problem faced by many busy working adults who have difficulty finding the time for optimal exercise and yet have to consume business meals which often are heavy in calorie count.

Whether you need to lose weight for health reasons, or simply wish to look and feel more attractive, PhysioLife offers a targeted 2 step weight loss approach.

Guided by medical professionals, we’ll help you to quickly remove stubborn “love handles” and tone up your arms, thighs and butt.

Dietary Modification:

Review your dietary habits and modify them where possible.

Supplement your meals with our unique blend of carbohydrate blockers to reduce calorie absorption from the food you cannot avoid consuming.

Fat Freeze (Cryo-lipolysis):

A radical new medical method to get rid of belly fat that is described as a much safer, non-invasive alternative to liposuction in Singapore is coolsculpting by Zeltiq.

With the risks and danger of liposuction being highly publicized in the media recently, many patients who have been trying to find out how to lose their tummy fat have taken to the concept of freezing their fats away ( also known as cryolipolysis by Zeltiq) as a much safer, (and FDA approved) alternative.

Unfortunately, while coolsculpting by Zeltiq has shown to be very effective and safe in many Zeltiq reviews, it’s relatively high cost is a significant problem.

Fortunately,the quick introduction by European competitors of alternative forms of “Fat freeze methods” have allowed us to offer a much more affordable (almost 50% cheaper) alternative to patients looking for a fast, safe, and affordable way to loose fats from stubborn areas.

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