Efficacy of Low Level Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is safe, non-invasive and FDA cleared device that provides a unique combination of super pulsed laser and infrared, visible red light and magnetic field therapy.

Low Level Laser Therapy promotes healing in many conditions because it penetrates deep into the tissues, transforming a cell from unstable/unhealthy condition! Laser energy can strengthen damaged cells. Using photochemical processes, laser light inserts bio-photons into damaged cells. The cells begin to produce energy (ATP), which improves their function, assists their division, strengthens the body’s immune system, and causes the secretion of various hormones. The tissues are healed, and pain disappears. If damaged cells have died, the bio-photons help the division of neighboring cells, generating new tissues, and thus bring about healing.

Proven benefits:

  • Provides pain relief, reducing medication needs
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces swelling
  • Stimulates cell growth
  • Stimulates cell metabolism
    (activation of ATP and protein synthesis)
  • Stimulates enzyme synthesis
  • Enhances collagen synthesis
  • Provides antioxidant effect
  • Strengthening the immune system response via increasing levels of lymphocyte activity.
  • Generate new healthy cells & tissues
  • Promotes faster wound healing & clot formation

Treatments are safe and can be easily performed by a professional physiotherapist by holding the emitter and/or moving it in a circular motion on the painful body section.

Treatment can be continued once a day on each individual point for 12-15 consecutive days. Upon completion of a full course (12-15 days), a further course can be undertaken after a three-day break. Up to 10 courses a year can be completed on each individual point.

Clinically Proven to Reduce Pain in numerous trials:
88% positive effect was demonstrated in the studies conducted for the efficacy in relieving pain caused by arthritis of small and medium joints.

Conditions Treated: Acute, Subacute and chronic pain relief, Shoulder pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Back pain, Sciatica, Tennis elbow, Arthritic pain, Fibromyalgia, Post operative wound care, Myofascial pain syndrome, sports injuries, sprains & strains etc.


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