Should I Seek Physiotherapy?

Many of you may have experienced an injury or pain, but were not quite sure when to seek or commence physiotherapy. Your doctor may have said one thing and your friends another. We have outlined some really simple question and answers to guide you in the right direction.

Physiotherapy treatment can commence immediately after an injury has occurred, even as soon as the same day.

Immediately after an injury, our physiotherapist will assess the injury and determine a diagnosis as well as the severity of the condition. The physiotherapist will be able to advise you on your condition and whether further action needs to be taken such as an x-ray or referral to an orthopedic surgeon.

You will receive immediate care and education of your injury by the physiotherapist.

It depends entirely on your injury, however the following is a general expected goals when seeing a typical physiotherapist:

- Pain relief
- Decrease muscles tightness or spasms
- Increase flexibility and movement
- Issue of supports, braces or strapping or walking aids.
- Education on your condition and how to look after your condition

It is not necessary to wait until the pain or swelling goes down before starting treatment. The early you begin treatment, the earlier you will recover. Because your physiotherapist will assist the injured body part with a more rapid reduction of your symptoms with different physiotherapy techniques.

Our specialized treatments will not only relieved your pain, but most importantly, to repair your injured tissues and regeneration of stronger tissues to prevent reoccurrence of your condition.

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