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Pain Relief Treatments

Unlike most standard physiotherapy practices (which focus on exercise, heat, and ultrasound), chiropractic, or even TCM, we understand that when a person is in pain, a long and slow treatment program is usually not the most appropriate solution.

At Physiolife, our signature Pain Relief Protocol focuses on achieving instant relief from pain, aches, and tiredness.

Where necessary, we do also offer preventive, maintenance, and joint health enhancement treatments, but only after providing a solution to your immediate problem.

Solutions We Offer:

    • Capacitive Resistive Energy Transfer

  • Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Conditions That Respond To Our Instant Pain Relief Treatments:

• Arthritis • Ankylosing Spondylitis
• Back pain/ Back aches
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Cervical Spondylosis • Degenerated Discs
• Elbow Pain • Trigger Finger
• Frozen Shoulder • Fibromyalgia
• Golfer’s Elbow • Hip Pain
• Knee Pain • Lumbar Spondylosis
• Migraine/ Headache • Neck Pain / Neck Aches
• Tennis Elbow • Plantar Fasciitis
• Repetitive Strain Injury • Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Rotator Cuff Tendonitis • Sciatica
• Scoliosis • Slipped/ Herniated Disc
• Shoulder aches & stiffness • Sprains & Strains
• Sports Injuries • Tendonitis

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