Health Reports

Do you suffer from difficult aches, pain and joint stiffness?

Have you tried multiple medical treatments with no success?
Are you been depending on long term medications which can cause heart, kidney, liver and bleeding and stroke problems?

Or have you been told by your doctor that risky surgery is your only option?

The Physiotherapists at Physiolife understand that for the vast majority of patients drugs and surgery are not the best solution.

Do problems like aches, pain, stiffness or weakness of your neck, back, knees, hips, or other joints make your life frustrating?
Are they stopping you from work, exercise, social activities or from enjoying your life like before?
Does pain affect your sleep, mood, concentration, energy levels or ability to function?

Chronic pain has even been linked to depression and increased mortality.

It does not and should not have to be this way.

While we recommended that every person suffering from pain consult a licensed healthcare provider in your country for a precise diagnosis and treatment plan,
we also appreciate that people also turn to the web for further information and clarification to better manage their conditions.

Unfortunately a google search will turn up millions of sites related to pain.
It is very time consuming, often confusing, and sometimes almost impossible to separate the trustworthy from the inaccurate, outdated, incomplete and sometimes dangerous information available online.

Even at well trusted sources of information like pubmed, the US national medical institute of health website, and other respected online medical journals, the content there is often full of medical jargon and academic language that is not practically useful for someone who is looking for a direct answer and practical solutions to their problem.

To help you make practical sense of all the information available, our physiotherapists have distilled the key information and resources available that actually can benefit patients and presented them in a series of concise downloadable medical reports.

Drawing on real clinical experience caring for thousands of patients just like you, we particularly focus on keeping the information presented easy to understand and practical.

While we are happy to personally consult with and treat new patients in our clinic, this is sometimes not possible because:

  • our current clients already fill up most of our available treatment slots and the waiting time for new clients can be fairly long
  • many people with mild to moderate chronic pain cannot afford to take the time off work to see a physiotherapist regularly
  • many of our foreign patients are not able to stay for the required periods of time for treatment and do not have easy access to a good physiotherapist where they live
  • the cost of regular physiotherapy visits can be a financial burden to some clients who’s insurance plans do not cover physiotherapy.

So what exactly do our Health Reports cover?

  1. An overview of the causes common pain conditions
  2. danger signs to look out for and when to get emergency medical attention
  3. common diagnostic tests- when should you use them?
  4. common treatments prescribed by doctors
  5. the risks and dangers that patients undergoing standard treatments should be aware of
  6. the reason why many common treatments do not work
  7. acupuncture, chiropractic and other alternative treatments. Do they work?
  8. self treatments that you can use at home
  9. new medical treatment options available: Lasers and other non-invasive medical solutions
  10. how diet and nutrition can help most conditions
  11. supplements for pain conditions- which work and which do not?- and a link to a special supplement that works so well the company is giving away sample bottles for FREE!
  12. exercises for pain conditions: what is practical, what is not – and a link to a very special online resource that allows you to learn what you need from the comfort of your home



So how can you benefit from our health reports?

Our health report are tailored to the needs of people with different conditions.

Simply select the one (or more if you suffer from multiple conditions) and click the download button beside it.

Upon confirmation of your payment information, you will immediately be sent to information and solutions needed via a downloadable link as well as in your email.


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