Fast Relief with the Latest Technology

At Physiolife, You Get Fast Results

PhysioLife is a specialized physiotherapy clinic that focuses on using the latest medical technologies to help you treat sports injuries as well as joint pain and stiffness.

Unlike other physiotherapists, we know it is not necessary to have time consuming treatment sessions with exercise, ultrasound, stretching, heat therapy and other basic physiotherapy methods.

If a treatment is correctly chosen, the results should be almost immediate and not need repetitive boring visits over many months.

Our special expertise is in Capacitive Resistive Energy Transfer (CRET) therapy for fast relief of pain in the neck, back, shoulders and knees, particularly for long standing difficult cases.

We are also the 1st Physiotherapy clinic in Singapore to introduce drug free nanotechnology treatments.

At Physiolife, you get short visits and fast results.

1Advanced Scientific, Result-Orientated, Medical Technologies.

2Medical Professionals backed by years of Clinical Experience.

3Client Focused, Exceptional Service Quality.

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